Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Complains After Getting Arrested

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter claims she has been “evicted” following her suspension at Columbia University for her participation in a pro-Palestinian rally on campus.

On Friday, April 19th, 21-year-old Isra Hirsi said she was “basically evicted” from her housing at all-girls Barnard College for her vocal participation in the demonstration. For multiple days, hundreds of university students have occupied the campus grounds at Columbia to protest against President Joe Biden and his administration for their response to the war between Israel and Hamas. The students are urging lawmakers to stop sending Israeli military aid and to call for a ceasefire immediately.

Since The Hamas attack on Israel that killed about 1,200, the Gaza health ministry claims that 34,000 Palestinians have died as a result of the Jewish state’s military response, and thousands more have been displaced. The conflict has created a dire humanitarian crisis in the region and divided politicians across the globe on how to respond.

Over 100 students were arrested and hit with trespassing charges, including Hirsi. She and two other students were suspended from Columbia’s Barnard College and had their access to food and housing revoked.

In a Teen Vogue interview published on Sunday, April 21st, Hirsi told the story of her participation in the protest and the moment she was informed of her suspension. She announced the news to the encampment, which has only grown since the arrests that followed her announcement.

Hirsi claims law enforcement bound her with zip ties for around seven hours before she was released following her trespassing charges. Hirsi said she was worried about where she would sleep that night, and that although she wasn’t “formally” evicted, she was sent an email informing her that she must move out and was immediately barred access to the dining hall despite relying on a school dining plan.

Although some of the student demonstrators are Jewish, critics of the protest encampment accuse the activists of antisemitism. The president also denounced the demonstrations and called such protests “blatantly antisemitic” and accused the students of calling for violence, despite their clear insistence on a ceasefire. Biden’s stance on the Israel/Hamas war isn’t winning him favor amongst his Democratic base, many of whom support ceasefire measures and oppose Israel’s military operations.

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