Iran-Backed Arms Plot Foiled, Linked to Hamas

( – Iranian-backed Islamist groups failed in their attempts to sneak weapons into Jordan to carry out a sabotage plot, according to Jordanian sources.

A Syrian group, supported by the Iranian regime, is accused of sneaking weapons into Jordan for members of the Muslim Brotherhood to use in attacks on the country. The Jordanian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood has operated legally in the country for years while claiming to be a non-violent entity. Despite this, one particular cell of the organization is said to have links to Hamas’s military. Hamas itself was formed as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A supply of illegal weapons was allegedly recovered by authorities when members of this Hamas-linked cell were arrested in March. The arrested members are Jordanian citizens with Palestinian heritage. Hamas has since released a statement declaring that they have no intention of targeting Jordan, and only wish to harm Israel.

Tensions in U.S.-allied Jordan have been increasingly high as the war in Gaza continues to rage. The modern nation of Jordan was founded in 1946 and went to war with Israel in 1948 over territorial disputes. Despite a long history of enmity, the two nations signed a peace treaty in 1994 and have enjoyed a relatively stable peace since. Jordan’s military notably shot down Iranian rockets that flew over its airspace in Iran’s unprecedented air strike on Israel in April. Jordan’s population is majority Muslim, with many of its citizens claiming Palestinian ancestry. It is also home to over 2 million registered Palestinian refugees.

The sabotage plot was reportedly an attempt to take aim at the Jordanian monarchy and destabilize the country. Jordan borders Israel as well as Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, and is host to a U.S. military base. The plot is just one example of many instances of weapons smuggling reportedly foiled by Jordanian authorities in recent months. According to local sources, authorities have prevented Iran and its proxy militia groups from smuggling arms including rifles, mines, and C4 explosives.

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