James Threatens to Seize Trump’s Assets Over $354M Fraud Fine

(RepublicanNews.org) – New York’s Attorney General Letitia James has declared that she will ask the courts to seize Donald Trump’s property if he cannot afford to pay his $354 million fine. Trump was handed the fine, which comes to $450 million when interest is accounted for, on Friday, February 16th after losing the fraud case James launched against him last year. As well as the massive fine, the judge presiding over the case also barred Trump from operating his business in New York for the next three years.

Trump has vowed to appeal Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision, which his attorney referred to as “manifest injustice,” but even while he appeals he is still liable for the fine. With a separate $83 million fine to appeal following E. Jean Carroll’s successful defamation case against him, James made it clear that the former president’s assets may be forcibly taken from him in order to cover costs if needed. Speaking to ABC News, she mentioned his famous skyscraper at 40 Wall Street in Manhattan specifically, adding that she sees the building every day.

James also said that she was “confident” about the strength of the verdict against Trump, rebutting his repeated claims that there were no victims involved in his alleged fraud. She stated that financial crimes are not victimless but did not identify any particular victim in this case. Instead, she stated that any ordinary New Yorker who had artificially inflated the value of their property in order to gain better financial deals, as Trump has been found guilty of doing, would also be taken through the courts as Trump has.

Conversely, Trump and his team have maintained that nobody was victimized as nobody lost any money – all of his loans were repaid. He has also disputed the justice of the case throughout the process, pointing out publicly that both Judge Engoron and his court clerk are donors to the Democratic party and calling the ruling a “complete and total sham.”

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