Jill Biden Costs Taxpayers Almost $350k in Flights to Paris

(RepublicanNews.org) – How would you like to travel around the world in luxury while everyone else foots the bill? When you’re a United States First Lady, that’s one of the privileges you earn, and Jill Biden has certainly taken full advantage of it.

A recent report claims that the First Lady has left a bill to the American taxpayers amounting to $350,000 in travel expenses between the U.S. and France amid her son’s trial in Delaware. The expensive flights happened because Jill wanted to attend Hunter Biden’s trial during closing arguments around the same time as a D-Day memorial service she was invited to in France.

On Wednesday, June 5th, Jill flew from Wilmington to Paris. The next day, she traveled back to Wilmington to support her son at his trial and then was back on a private flight to Paris the day after that to attend the D-Day 80th Anniversary ceremony with her husband, President Joe Biden.

President Biden delivered a speech in Paris at the D-Day memorial, although he was criticized for using the speech to brag about Russian war casualties in Ukraine and even accused of plagiarizing parts of a speech by the late Ronald Reagan delivered in 1984 at the 40th anniversary of the historic World War II event.

Over a few days, the First Lady traveled around 3,600 miles. According to estimates from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, the total bill for Jill amounts to $345,400 from the flights alone, not counting any other expenses. That number could be higher, according to other estimates, as the plane used by Jill reportedly averages around $200,000 for each flight hour.

The Democratic Party will pick up a portion of the tab but only cover the amount that the travels would have cost commercially. The rest of the tab will be passed over to American taxpayers, and the estimated bill doesn’t account for the cost of transporting Jill’s aides, staffers, and Secret Service detail.

In just a couple of days of air travel, the First Lady spent five times the amount of an average annual American salary.

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