John Oliver Offers Justice Thomas $1M per Year to Step Down

( – Late-night talk show host and comedian John Oliver offered Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a $1 million annual salary and a $2 million tour bus if the GOP judge agrees to step down from his position.

In an episode of Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” on HBO on Sunday, February 18th, he ended his show by making the proposal to Thomas and giving the Supreme Court justice a total of 30 days to accept the offer.

The offer comes after several months of media scrutiny of Thomas for allegedly failing to disclose gifts from political benefactors, including an expensive vacation and property for the justice’s mother. Thomas also allowed benefactors to pay off school fees accrued by a family member, which he failed to disclose, and he also received a loan to purchase a motor coach.

The offenses put the Supreme Court justice’s impartiality into question by critics, especially after Thomas sided with the rolling back of Roe v. Wade, which kicked abortion law back to the individual states. The judge also complained at the end of last year about the salary earned by justices.

Oliver alluded to all of this, including Thomas’s refusal to recuse himself from all matters related to the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol in 2021 after his wife endorsed former President Donald Trump’s theory that the 2020 election was stolen.

Oliver accused the justice of “stripping away women’s rights,” and said Thomas deserves a break “from the meanness of Washington” so he could be surrounded by regular people whose lives Oliver says the justice made “demonstrably worse for decades.” Alluding to the luxury motor coach, the late-night host suggested an upgrade to Thomas’s “favorite mode of travel” and offered to provide him with a luxury tour bus containing a fireplace, four televisions, and a king-sized bed.

Oliver also mentioned Harlan Crow, one of Thomas’s top benefactors, who he said Thomas might upset by taking the offer, then adding that his “real friends” would love him no matter what job he has.

The HBO host gave Thomas 30 days to accept the expensive bus and $1 million annual salary. Supreme Court justices are appointed for a lifetime and earn a salary of $298,500.

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