Johnson Ouster May Harm Trump’s 2024 Chances

( – As former president Donald Trump calls for unity in the GOP, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia leads an effort to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, a move Republican Rep. Bob Good of Virginia says would not be in the best interests of Trump’s campaign.

Good is the chair of the House Freedom Caucus and appeared on NewsNation on Sunday, May 5th. During that interview, he told “The Hill Sunday” host Chris Stirewalt that he couldn’t predict what Greene “will or won’t do” because she is “operating on her own with one or two others” yet doesn’t actually “lead anyone” in the party. He also said that her actions are not “in the best interests” of Trump.

On Wednesday, May 1st, Greene announced that she plans to call for a vote on a motion to oust Johnson from the Speaker seat. She’s been the Speaker’s most vocal opponent from his own party and has expressed dissatisfaction with the job he’s done so far, especially over the recent foreign aid package that will send more funds to Israel, Ukraine, and elsewhere. If Greene accomplished such a mission, Johnson would be the second Speaker in a row kicked off the chair following the dismissal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California in October 2023.

In a private conversation, Trump reportedly advised Greene that she should back off of Johnson. On Saturday, May 4th, Trump hosted the Republican National Committee (RNC) spring retreat at his Florida estate, the Mar-a-Lago Club. He was surrounded by prospective running mates and other big names in the GOP, including Johnson, who Trump acknowledged for his efforts in the role and calling for party unity.

Greene, a long-time defender of Trump, is currently in talks with Johnson. She and the House Speaker had two private meetings, one on Monday, May 6th, and another the following day, and Greene has since paused her efforts to oust Johnson.

Supporting her efforts are Reps. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Thomas Massie of Kentucky, and the Republicans’ thin majority can only afford two defectors. Democratic leadership has signaled plans to vacate Greene’s motion, though, so it’s possible Johnson’s opposing party could end up saving the Speaker if she resumes her efforts.

Good thinks Greene’s plan is a bad idea just “six months before an election,” and accuses her of always focusing “primarily” on herself. Last year, the Freedom Caucus voted to remove Greene and she responded by saying she didn’t “give a rat’s a**,” which some interpret as an admirable sense of independence and others see as an inability to work harmoniously with her colleagues.

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