Jon Stewart Goes After Tucker Carlson

( – Jon Stewart revived an old rivalry this week by blasting ex-Fox News host turned renegade journalist Tucker Carlson for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this month.

In a monologue on The Daily Show, Stewart criticized Carlson’s demeanor during the former Fox host’s interview with Putin. The interview, published on Thursday, Feb. 8, sparked widespread backlash from Carlson’s critics, who accused him of sucking up to Putin and not challenging the Russian leader enough, accusations that Stewart also laid against Carlson on his show.

At one point during the monologue, he described Carlson’s facial expression during the Putin interview as “not really a straight face” but one blending together “shame, arousal,” and “irregularity.” He clarified what he meant by this with a crude joke about “a Sears catalog.” Stewart, who reminded his audience that he’s “said this before,” ultimately called Carlson “a d*ck.”

Stewart and Carlson have a history of disliking one another that spans 20 years, dating back to Stewart’s appearance on the CNN show “Crossfire” in October 2004. “Crossfire” was hosted by Carlson alongside Paul Begala and was meant to be a show where right and left-wing personalities would debate. The Daily Show host had just released a book and seemingly appeared on “Crossfire” to promote it, but instead, he blasted the CNN show. Although both hosts defended the show, Carlson pushed back heavily and exchanged insults with Stewart.

His latest dig at the ex-Fox host comes after the previous episode of The Daily Show, his first episode since returning to the show since his hiatus in 2015, sparked backlash from Democrats when Stewart criticized President Joe Biden for not being able to remember “very basic things.” Stewart mentioned the recent report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, which determined Biden would not face criminal charges for mishandling classified government material after leaving office as vice president. The report cited Biden’s “poor memory” as one of the reasons he would not be able to stand trial.

Stewart defended his criticism of Biden and poked fun at the backlash at the beginning of his second episode before going off on Carlson. His attack on Carlson may have been an attempt to win back some left-wing viewers he upset with his return episode.

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