Journalists Conceal Biden’s Cognitive Decline Truth

( – Dylan Byers, senior correspondent and founding partner at the media company Puck, says that certain members of President Joe Biden’s White House press corps were purposefully downplaying the issue of the president’s obvious cognitive decline and working to keep the truth from the public in order to maintain access to White House officials.

In a piece published by Puck and titled “The Age of Biden”, Byers wrote that after various conversations with anonymous sources he would not name, the press corps covering the White House has been deliberately refusing to make an issue out of Biden’s cognitive decline.

The senior Puck correspondent said many of these press corps members “spent the last couple years noticeably avoiding” the subject of Biden’s “ability and acuity,” feeling that the subject was “indelicate or irrelevant.” The article also claims that the recent release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report has forced some of these journalists to do “some soul-searching.”

Hur’s report not only determined that Biden would not face any criminal charges for his mishandling of classified materials after leaving the office of vice president, but one of the factors he cites for the decision is that if the president went to trial, he would likely present himself the way he did to investigators: as a “sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” Biden railed against the report’s characterization of him, maintaining that he is “well-intentioned” but still fit for the job.

Byers claimed the fallout from the report has resulted in “a number of journalists… second-guessing” how they covered the president’s health and looking at the topic “with fresh eyes.” In his article, the Puck correspondent claims to have surveyed multiple reporters, photographers, on-air correspondents, and other members of the press corps who all agreed that Biden’s age is becoming “more noticeable” over the last few months and said the subject is one of “frequent discussion” behind closed doors.

Although Byers said he still believes former President Donald Trump is a greater risk to the country, he advised his colleagues to become “honest brokers” of information.

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