Kamala Harris Under Fire for Insensitive Hostage Remark

(RepublicanNews.org) – Vice-President Kamala Harris has come under fire from both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli supporters while speaking publicly about the Israel-Hamas war and Israel’s efforts to rescue its people from Gaza.

While appearing on the “Jimmy Kimmel” show on Friday, June 7th, Harris found herself subject to heckling from activists seated in the audience. Members of the “Code Pink” group shouted at her to stop funding from going to Israel before the show’s host asked them to stop interrupting his “flow” and to cease heckling. The Biden-Harris administration has been repeatedly protested by Pro-Palestinian protestors, including those who do not believe the state of Israel should exist. Pres. Biden has been subject to protest votes during the Democrat primaries in more heavily Muslim areas of the country.

Following this episode of anti-Israeli heckling, Harris then faced criticism from pro-Israeli voices over the weekend after news broke of Israel’s successful hostage rescue mission. On Saturday, June 8th, Harris mentioned the mission while speaking at a Michigan Democrat fundraising event. She spoke of the October 7th massacre and kidnapping by Hamas forces and said that “thankfully” four of the hostages taken had been freed during the Israeli mission on Saturday. She then spoke of innocent lives lost in Gaza during the mission and said that she would mourn them.

Harris’ comment on the “innocent” Gazans killed has angered some critics, with Jewish hedge-fund manager Clifford Asness asking if Harris mourned the deaths of the “Hamas guys with RPGs” who fought to stop the Israeli forces from retrieving their people. He said that it was Hamas’ actions that caused so many casualties in the densely populated area.

Health services in Gaza claim that 270 Gazans were killed during the operation, although they do not differentiate between Hamas soldiers and non-combatants. Israeli authorities claim that the death toll was lower than 100 and have said that some of those non-combatants were involved in holding the hostages captive. Israeli authorities said that the four hostages rescued were being held in the home of Abdallah Ajamal, a journalist who had written for Al-Jazeera and The Palestine Chronicle. Ajamal was killed during the rescue mission. In response to Harris’ comments, the National Republican Senate Committee accused the vice president of mourning the “terrorist hostage takers.”

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