Killer of 8 in Chicago Area Found Dead in Texas

( – Authorities in Chicago say a man who was wanted for the shooting deaths of eight people—including his relatives—turned the pistol on himself after getting into an encounter with federal law enforcement.

U.S. Marshals located 23-year-old Romeo Nance in Natalia, Texas, on January 22nd, almost 1,000 miles away from the scene of the shooting deaths of seven people in two residences in Joliet, a south Chicago suburb, on Sunday.

According to Joliet Police Chief Bill Evans, authorities suspect Nance was also involved in a shooting that occurred on Sunday in Will County, Illinois, in the killing of a 28-year-old victim.

Authorities reported that when authorities approached Nance, he shot himself.

Joshua Nance (31), Alexandria Nance (20), Christine Esters (38), and William Esters II (35) were identified by the Will County coroner as the victims discovered at the Joliet residences. Two adolescent female victims, aged 14 and 16, had their identities withheld.

The man slain outside the apartment building was named Toyosi Bakare (28), a Nigerian immigrant who had been a resident of the United States for almost three years, according to authorities.

A representative for the Texas Department of Public Safety (which includes the Texas Rangers), Lt. Jason Reyes, said that the Rangers are now investigating Nance’s death and suspect he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Because his organization was asked to conduct an investigation, Reyes said he was unable to give any further details about the circumstances surrounding Nance’s death or his altercation with police. When a fatality occurs in the line of duty in Texas, the Rangers are the ones to call to investigate.

The police said that Nance’s criminal record was lengthy. According to Will County court records, most of the nineteen accusations against Nance that date back to 2019 were for driving infractions.

Regarding an allegation of aggravated discharge of a handgun during an alleged road rage argument, Nance was scheduled to appear in court on February 1st, according to attorney Jordan Kielian, who represented Nance.

According to court documents, Nance faced robbery charges in 2019, obstruction of a police officer charges in 2023, and handgun possession charges without the proper owner’s identity card.

The outcomes of those cases are unknown.

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