Lauren Boebert Could Be in Trouble Come 2024

( – Lauren Boebert, the Republican congresswoman representing Colorado’s 3rd District, faces a fierce battle against both Democrat and Republican challengers in the upcoming 2024 elections. As part of her campaign she has announced that she will switch districts for the next election, opting to run for the state’s 4th District, a much more conservative leaning district.

Although Boebert—a relatively hardline Republican with strong views in favor of gun rights—won the 2022 election, she did so with a narrow margin. In beating Democrat rival Adam Frisch, she scooped victory with just 546 votes, a margin slim enough to trigger a recount.

Frisch will stand as the Democrat candidate for the 3rd District next year and has so far seen great success with his fundraising campaign, raking in much larger sums of money than his incumbent rival. As of late September 2023, Boebert’s campaign had $1.4 million to play with, compared to Frisch’s $4.3 million. Frisch said that Boebert’s move to another district would not alter how he ran his campaign, saying that he would continue to focus on “defending rural Colorado’s way of life” and offering “commonsense” solutions to Coloradan’s problems.

Republican state representative Richard Holtorf, one of Boebert’s rivals for the 4th District, was more scathing of Boebert’s planned move. He described the switch as “carpetbagging” and said that voters would not approve of the strategy. Boebert also faces competition from fellow Republican Jeff Hurd, an attorney who managed to raise $412,000 in the third financial quarter of 2023, despite only launching his campaign in August. Hurd has received public support from several influential Republicans, including former Colorado Governor Bill Owens.

Boebert, who has faced several difficulties in her personal life, called the move “a fresh start”. The restaurant she owned with her husband closed in 2022, and after filing for divorce in May 2023, Boebert was removed from a cinema in September after being filmed vaping and behaving inappropriately with a date, an incident for which she has since apologized. Although Boebert would not be legally required to live in the 4th District should she win, she has promised to make the move in the event of her victory.

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