Lauren Boebert Skips Campaign Event to Check if Ex Tossed Her Belongings into Pond

( – Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado skipped one of her campaign events at a local coffee shop because she was afraid that her ex-husband was tossing all of her belongings at her former residence into a pond.

According to a Washington Post report, Boebert skipped her speaking event hosted in Colorado’s 4th district by the local Republican group called the Pachyderm Club. Boebert canceled her appearance at the event, hosted in a coffee shop, to handle a personal matter allegedly involving her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert.

Appearing in Boebert’s place was Drew Sexton, her campaign manager. Sexton also told Business Insider in an email that the congresswoman was actually not scheduled to speak there that day and added that she spoke to the Pachyderm Club a week prior. According to Sexton, he attended the event “on behalf of the campaign” to “check in and say, ‘Hi.’”

Boebert reportedly skipped the event to drive to her former home in the morning to pick up the last of her belongings, which were stored in a farmhouse located on the property, which she moved into when her marriage began to fall apart. Boebert and her ex-husband finalized their divorce in October 2023. The congresswoman claimed that Jayson Boebert told her over the phone that she would find her belongings “at the bottom of the pond” before her arrival to retrieve them.

Boebert rushed to the property but found that her ex-husband instead brought her belongings to a storage unit. Because he didn’t obtain her permission, Boebert called the police anyway. Later on, she filed a temporary restraining order.

The divorce has been a messy business for the congresswoman, who announced at the beginning of the year that she would not be running for re-election for Colorado’s 3rd District but would instead run for the 4th district.

So far, her campaign has been overshadowed by controversy, with Jayson Boebert arrested twice. The first arrest followed an altercation between the former couple at a restaurant, and the second followed accusations from Tyler Boebert, their son, that his father assaulted him.

Meanwhile, Tyler Boebert now has an arrest on his record as well, at 18. The congresswoman’s son was arrested on February 27th and is facing 22 charges related to a string of thefts and trespassing crimes in his mother’s district.

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