Let’s Face It: Biden Can’t Handle Another Term

(RepublicanNews.org) – President Joe Biden cannot handle a second term.

Biden has held just 11 campaign rallies this year where Biden took the stage alone, and he spoke for longer than 30 minutes during only three of the rallies. He simply does not have the stamina or mental acuity to handle another four years, and Democrats are finally coming to grips with this reality.

Here’s a round-up of his recent surprisingly short speaking times. In January he spoke for 33 minutes at a rally in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and for 32 minutes during a rally at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina. In February, Biden spoke for 32 minutes at a rally in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

And then there were the rest. Biden spoke for just 10 minutes at a February campaign rally in Culver City, California, and at a March rally in Phoenix, Arizona. He talked for nearly 20 minutes at a January rally in Manassas, Virginia, a March rally in Atlanta, and a May rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He talked for 25 minutes during a rally in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, 27 minutes during a March rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, and 30 minutes during an April rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In comparison, former President Donald Trump usually speaks for a minimum of an hour at rallies, sometimes speaking for up to two hours.

Proof that Biden cannot handle a second term shows in the number of press conferences the president holds. So far this year, Biden has held 26 news conferences that typically last about 33 minutes. In comparison, during the same time period, former President Barack Obama held 74 news conferences, while Trump held 60 news conferences.

Biden also struggled during the debate hosted by CNN on June 27th, which led to many Democrats panicking. He repeatedly made false statements, mixing up key health initiatives and incorrectly stating how much the cost of insulin has been lowered. During long periods, Biden stood frozen behind his podium, mouth agape, eyes wide and unblinking.

A Democratic activist from New Hampshire and attorney, Jay Surdukowski, stated, “Biden is toast” after watching the debate.

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