MAGA Fans Furious with Biden Ballot Push

( – The state of Ohio faces an unusual issue with the November presidential elections looming. President Biden is set to miss the deadline to appear on the Ohio ballot. The incumbent president should be the Democrat candidate across all states, but according to Ohio’s legislature, his party must officially nominate him by August 7th. The Democrat party is set to confirm its nomination after its national convention, which takes place on August 19th.

Ohio’s Gov. Mike DeWine has angered some of his fellow Republicans by orchestrating a push to get Biden securely on the state’s ballot. On May 28th, he called a special Ohio General Assembly session to try to pass legislation that would allow for Biden’s later registration. Some on the political right have slammed DeWine’s efforts, such as conservative commentator Joe Mannarino, who declared that this sort of action is “why Republicans lose.”

Others, such as Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), have voiced support for DeWine’s plans, particularly as he has coupled the Biden deadline issue with a popular GOP initiative to prevent foreign money from being used to influence Ohio campaigns. Ohio Republicans have sought to ban foreign cash from being given to local campaigns after Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss donated millions of dollars to progressive campaign groups who went on to successfully fight to ensure legal abortions in Ohio.

While DeWine and some Republicans are happy to push through legislation that includes the prohibition on foreign donations, DeWine faces anger from some hardline Republicans and Democrats, albeit for different reasons. His Republican critics do not want him to make it easier for Democrats to have their candidate on the ballot while Trump faces campaigns to keep him off the ballot in certain states.

DeWine is also known to have clashed with Trump in recent times, and while he says he will always support the Republican presidential nominee, he has refused to endorse him publicly. Some Democrat critics, however, think that he should push to get Biden on the ballot without including the ban on foreign money and have accused him of partisanship.

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