MAGA Fans Lash Out at Pop Star over Potential Endorsement

( – Taylor Swift has been ruffling more feathers than ever since she started frequenting NFL games, but it’s her possible influence over politics that has some conservative media pundits and personalities worried.

Ever since Swift began dating Chief’s football star Travis Kelce, she’s been in the headlines constantly throughout the NFL season, appearing at all of Kelce’s games. The rumored romance was first confirmed on September 24th when the pop singer was spotted cheering for Kelce alongside his mother. The impact was instant, and reports began to show an increase in ratings for the sport, especially among women.

But the main concern for Republicans and conservative commentators is the influence Swift has over the political playing field due to her fame and her popularity amongst the younger generations and her history of supporting Democrats. Just a couple of days before her romance with Kelce became public knowledge, Swift was able to get thousands of people to register to vote with an Instagram post.

Both sides are looking at the pop singer, who has endorsed President Joe Biden in the past. A New York Times report claims Biden’s re-election campaign is looking to repeat 2020 and get Swift onboard again for 2024. And according to a Rolling Stone report, former President Donald Trump’s campaign is also watching Swift’s moves closely. So far, she hasn’t endorsed either candidate.

Swift is one of the best-selling musical artists in history, having sold over 200 million records, winning numerous accolades, and remains the highest-grossing female performing artist. She’s also the first person to reach billionaire status by making music as her primary source of income.

Although some commentators may be overreacting to Swift, there are certainly valid reasons to pay attention to what she’s doing and how it will impact the election, and her influence cannot be overstated. Since getting together with Kelce and appearing frequently at his games, the pop singer has generated over $330 million for the NFL.

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