MAGA Republicans Amplify Push to Remove Johnson

( – As House Speaker Mike Johnson prepared to introduce a series of foreign aid proposals, it will most likely further alienate some of his former Republican allies, who are now mobilizing against him.

On Wednesday, April 17th, Johnson announced that he would be following through with his plan to bring three foreign aid proposals to the House floor, despite continued pressure from GOP hardliners. Many of these representatives are beginning to consider ousting Johnson, similar to what happened to his predecessor last year.

The House Speaker said that after significant “feedback and discussion,” the House Rules Committee has decided to post the text of three funding bills for “national security interests” and foreign aid for U.S. allies, including Israel and Ukraine, and securing the Indo-Pacific region around Taiwan. Johnson also said the legislation would include “a loan structure” for providing aid, as well as “enhanced strategy and accountability.”

After six months of Speakership, Johnson is becoming increasingly alienated by fellow Republicans who are unhappy with the job he’s been doing, especially those loyal to former President Donald Trump.

The effort is being led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who is threatening to enact proceedings to dismiss Johnson and calling on other members of her conference to join her in rebuking him. The first Republican to publicly throw his support behind Greene’s call to arms was Thomas Massie, who announced on Tuesday, April 16th, that he could co-sponsor the Georgia congresswoman’s resolution to oust the Speaker.

Massie said Johnson was obviously “cleaning the barn” and noting the issues these Republicans have with his Speakership. The three criticisms amounted to trying to pass an omnibus bill “that broke all the spending records,” to pass “FISA without warrants,” and to send money to Ukraine. He accused his GOP colleagues of riding Johnson “like a horse” without caring if it collapses, which he said could throw the Republican conference “into turmoil.”

With his popularity waning and more representatives losing patience, Johnson could end up in the same position as former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted last year, in October.

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