‘Magnet Fishing’ Couple Pull Up Safe Containing $100k from Lake

(RepublicanNews.org) – A New York couple stumbled across a safe stuffed with $100,000 in banknotes while going “magnet fishing” on a lake in Flushing Meadows, New York City.

James Kane and Barbie Agostini made the unusual discovery on Friday, May 31st when they took their boat and fishing rod with a neodymium magnet attachment out on the water in Corona Park.

After their magnet snagged on something heavy in the water, they were able to pull up a closed but unsecured safe. Kane pulled the door open and found wads of cash stuffed into plastic bags inside. Unfortunately, much of the money was waterlogged and had suffered significant damage, despite the plastic wrapping.

The couple decided to report their find to the authorities, who agreed that the safe was likely connected to a crime. After some discussion, New York police determined that it would be impossible to establish who the safe’s rightful owner was, as there were no identifying documents or details. As such, officers told the pair that they could keep their find and do as they pleased with it. Whether or not the two will be able to make use of the damaged money is unclear, although some hope remains. If over half of the money is identifiable, they may be able to redeem the notes for their full value via the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Kane and Agostini have been magnet fishing enthusiasts for several years, having taken up the hobby as a way to relieve boredom cheaply during the lockdowns. They have a YouTube channel dedicated to their exploits and have been able to share their experiences in finding a wide array of items. Before finding this safe, they had found weapons including World War II grenades, modern handguns, foreign currency, jewelry, and a motorcycle. They also found several safes, although disappointingly, they had always been emptied of their cash contents beforehand.

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