Man Paid $200k by Democrats to Turn In His Own Father

( – A Texas man who turned in his own father to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2021 for participating in the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C, raised nearly $200,000 from supporters on GoFundMe.

When Jackson Reffitt was still just a teenager, he reported his father to federal authorities for participating in Jan. 6th and then went on to testify against him in court. The father, Guy Reffitt, was convicted and sentenced to over seven years imprisonment.

Jackson’s tip actually came during the holiday season, shortly before the giant D.C. Trump rally. He reported his father online on Christmas Eve in 2020, warning the FBI that his father was planning to “do something big.”

After Jan. 6th played out, Guy returned home and his son secretly recorded him talking about what he did while at the Capitol and turned that audio over to the FBI. More than a week later, on Jan. 16th, the FBI showed up and raided their home to arrest Guy.

Jackson went on national television the following week and defended his actions and said his father was an adult who “made his own decisions.” After the CNN appearance, Jackson then cashes in on the story after receiving “support from thousands of people” by creating a GoFundMe after he said many asked him where they could donate.

The teenager managed to raise over $195,000, which he promised to save “for years to come” or use toward college, and over 5,500 people donated. On the GoFundMe page, Jackson said he may be “kicked out” of his house for his involvement in his father’s case, and that “every cent” would help him “survive.”

Jackson was 18 at the time of his father’s arrest. He is now 21 and recently had an interview about what happened in which he claimed his father “ran up the Capitol steps under Trump flags” but did not go inside the building or commit any violent acts. He blames the former president for destroying his family, without whom he said they “would still be together.”

Critics of Jackson’s actions compare what he did to a common practice in Communist China under Mao, during which family members would typically turn in their own for not following the party line and criticizing the government.

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