Missing Couple Presumed Dead after Yacht Hijacking in Caribbean

(RepublicanNews.org) – An elderly American couple missing since the hijacking of their catamaran in the Caribbean is likely dead, say police from both Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines. No bodies have yet been found, but police say that it is likely that their hijackers killed the pair and threw them overboard.

The Royal Grenada Police Force told a press conference that three prisoners are known to have escaped the South Saint George police station on February 18th. Authorities say the trio hijacked the couple’s boat, Simplicity, the following day and made their way to St. Vincent. They were found in St. Vincent and arrested on February 21st. All three had been charged with one count of robbery, with one also charged with one count of rape, two counts of indecent assault, and three counts of attempted rape.

The missing owners of the boat have been identified as Ralph Hendry, 66, and Kathy Brandel, 71, and were known to be avid sailors. They were members of the Salty Dawg Association, which described the couple as experienced yachtsmen who had been enjoying spending the winter sailing the Caribbean. Police say that they have no concrete evidence the couple are dead, but that they have information that indicates they were killed, and their bodies thrown in the water by their alleged hijackers. Authorities say that the recovered catamaran showed signs of violence, with possessions thrown about the boat and evidence of a red substance believed to be blood.

The men accused of hijacking the boat have been named as 19-year-old Trevon Robertson, 25-year-old Abita Stanislaus, and 30-year-old Ron Mitchell. It was Mitchell who had been held on additional charges of both completed and attempted sexual assault, and indecent assault. Police Commissioner Don McKenzie told the press that the police force had made sure the men were being held with sufficient security in order to prevent any further escape, and that their initial escape was being thoroughly investigated. He also said that while police believe it very likely that Hendry and Brandel are dead, they will continue to search for them and “hold out hope” that they survived the attack.

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