Nikki Haley Loyalists Still Refuse to Back Donald Trump

( – Despite Nikki Haley’s 2024 presidential campaign being well and truly over, the former UN ambassador retains some faithful fans who refuse to vote for her successful opponent, Donald Trump, who now sits as the presumptive presidential candidate for the GOP. After huge Super Tuesday losses, Haley officially called off her presidential run on Wednesday, March 6th, leaving Trump as the presumptive pick.

Although Haley was always the underdog in the race, an unwillingness amongst her voter base to cast their ballot for Trump could cause problems for the Republican party in November’s election. An exit poll taken in Ohio revealed that approximately 20% of Republican voters, a figure which rose to 50% when only Haley supporters were taken into account, say that they will not vote for Trump in November. Some have said that they will vote for the Democrat candidate and current President Joe Biden instead, while others are holding out hope for a viable third candidate, or simply refuse to vote at all.

Notably, Haley chose not to endorse Trump when she closed her campaign, instead remarking that he needed to win over his Republican peers and potential voters. Haley’s co-chairman for her Georgia campaign, Eric Tanenblatt, echoed these sentiments, adding that he had not yet been won over, and suspected that many others felt the same. Another Haley supporter, John Wynstra, a man who caucused for her, said that he was still determined to vote against Biden and the Democrat party, although he would prefer a third candidate, such as a “viable” independent, to Trump.

While Trump has won the support of much of the Republican party and its electoral base, he still faces dissent from within the ranks, including from Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, who recently dropped hints that she would leave the party after holding her seat for over twenty years. Murkowski has been a staunch supporter of Haley’s presidential run and has publicly complained that the GOP has become “the party of Trump.”

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