Nikki Haley Pledges Vote for Trump in November

( – Nikki Haley has publicly promised to vote for her former rival, Donald Trump, in the presidential elections this November. The former presidential candidate says that the incumbent President Biden’s term has been a “catastrophe,” and so she will vote for the man she previously referred to as “unhinged.”

Robust verbal sparring was a prominent part of the rivalry between Haley and Trump, with the latter often calling Haley “birdbrain.” She, in turn, questioned his mental competence and spoke of “chaos” following his every step. The two appeared to have eased off on the insults as the presidential elections draw nearer and the GOP candidacy is a settled matter. Haley said on Wednesday, May 22nd, that she would vote for Trump. The following day, he told reporters that he believed she would end up with a role in his team, saying that they shared many of the “same thoughts”. He admitted that their campaign rivalry was “nasty” but said that despite his previous jibes, he does in fact believe her to be very capable.

What Haley’s position in Trump’s team may be has been kept under wraps. Earlier in May, Trump was adamant that the former UN Ambassador did not feature on his extensive list of possible vice presidents. However, when quizzed about it after Haley’s promise to vote for him, he avoided giving any concrete answer on whether or not she might make the cut.

Whether this apparent truce will win Haley’s voters over to Trump’s side remains to be seen. Haley has warned that Trump will have to work to convince them to vote for him, as many remain undecided. During the GOP primaries, Haley scooped nearly a fifth of the votes, meaning there exists a substantial block of Republican voters who may not rally behind their party’s presumptive candidate. So far, Trump has not courted those voters whereas Biden’s team has done, with the current president’s team even running campaign adverts aimed at Haley supporters in swing states.

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