No Labels Co-founder Says Biden Is Going To Get Trump Elected

( – Having endured years of criticism from Democrats, No Labels founding co-chairman Joe Lieberman is firing back against their claims that the group’s efforts to put a centrist candidate on the 2024 presidential ballot will sabotage President Joe Biden’s chances at reelection.

The 81-year-old former Connecticut senator told The Wall Street Journal that based on the polls, “it’s not No Labels” that will be responsible for re-electing former President Donald Trump, but the sitting president. Lieberman said it currently looks as if Biden is the one “who’s going to re-elect Donald Trump.”

Lieberman, who was Al Gore’s running mate in the 2000 presidential election, is attracting backlash from his former party as Democrats accuse him of forming No Labels in order to spite the party. He denies that is his intention, claiming he’s surprised by how “viciously” the Democratic Party is reacting to the organization.

The No Labels co-founder, who insisted he isn’t seeking “revenge,” claims that No Labels are “doing something different” and “are a threat” to both major parties, not just the Democrats. Lieberman said he’s “pained by what’s happened” to the political system in the U.S., and that he thinks “it threatens our future.” He added that he’s “grateful” that No Labels has given him “the opportunity” to “try and bring the system back” to what it used to be before it became “so damned partisan.”

No Labels has yet to announce an official candidate, although Lieberman confirmed that the group is conducting “informal conversations” about potential candidates. If the two major parties decide their nominees earlier, No Labels will probably have to decide sooner than anticipated to keep up.

The organization was founded by Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson, whose husband worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Lieberman has been involved since 2010. He said the group has given him “an extraordinary… opportunity” after his time in office to help “get the country moving in the right direction again.”

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