Obama Alum Tells Biden To Keep Quiet To Avoid Embarrassing Himself

(RepublicanNews.org) – A former official for the Obama administration has some advice for President Joe Biden: keep quiet and hide.

CNN pundit and former Obama administration adviser Van Jones gave President Biden a pointed suggestion after the results of the New Hampshire GOP primary rolled in and secured former President Donald Trump another victory: “Stay hidden.” Jones said if he “were Biden,” that’s exactly what he would do.

According to Jones, Biden does not “inspire confidence” in Americans, nor is he “a great messenger for himself.” Ultimately, Jones suggested the now-sitting president, who was once Obama’s Vice President, should repeat his strategy from 2016 and hide away instead of hitting the campaign trail, which Jones admitted Biden did “during the last campaign.”

He did not fault Biden for this strategy, though, and called it a “disciplined campaign” and reminded viewers that “a global pandemic” was happening simultaneously. Jones said how Biden handled his campaign during a “once-in-a-generation crisis” was “reassuring” to voters and one of the reasons Biden won the White House in 2020.

Jones believes that expecting Biden to “come out now” and “save” his campaign indicates there’s something fundamentally wrong with the campaign.

David Axelrod, a former campaign strategist for Obama, also weighed in and said that although he believes Biden has done some “extraordinary things,” the president’s “performance” while campaigning “is a problem,” one that reflects in the polls and projects “an image of weakness.” Axelrod has criticized Biden’s re-election campaign before. He recently called former President Donald Trump a “formidable” candidate and told Biden to get his campaign “into gear” if he wants to defeat Trump again.

Axelrod said that the general sense in America right now is that “the world is out of control” and Biden “is not in command.” He said Trump will play into this narrative and that Biden will have to find a way to counter this image of himself if he wants to win again. But with two major ongoing conflicts and an out-of-control border, it will be difficult for Biden to salvage his weak image and portray one of strength.

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