Over 20 People Injured in Disastrous Hotel Explosion

(RepublicanNews.org) – Authorities in Fort Worth reported 21 injuries after a gas explosion at a hotel in the city’s downtown on January 8th.

The Fort Worth Fire Department (FWFD) reported an explosion at the Sandman Hotel on 810 Houston Street. The FWFD said that twenty-one individuals had been hurt in the blast.

According to reports, four have suffered significant injuries, while one is in critical condition. The others had minimal injuries. Officials are currently unaware of any fatalities. Nineteen people were treated on the spot, and one patient voluntarily transported themself to a hospital. Three of the injured were in the Sandman Hotel’s restaurant, “Musume.”

FWFD said they would keep searching all night to ensure nobody was trapped. Twenty-six guests were in the hotel when the explosion occurred.

An individual who was there at the hotel during the explosion was interviewed by local media. Although he was reluctant to be interviewed, he did mention the presence of a natural gas odor. He detected the smell, even though it wasn’t overpowering. The source of the odor, he said, was underneath them. The second story was engulfed in smoke and dust after that. They headed for the stairs and were able to make out the red exit sign through the haze.

According to his interview, he and his companions managed to escape the building by jumping five or six feet from the staircase after realizing that most of it was gone.

Firefighters could gaze into the floors below ground as it blasted concrete off the street.

The Fire and Police Departments and other agencies received assistance from Atmos Energy as they investigated the incident. Highly skilled specialists arrived, and the gas was contained in the impacted area. Downtown still smelled strongly of gas hours after the explosion.

Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement saying the Sandman Hotel and the Texas state government have teamed up with Fort Worth’s Sheriff Waybourn, Mayor Parker, and other emergency responders to investigate the incident. Abbott pleaded with the public to pray for the injured and those bravely rescuing others.

The proprietors of the Sandman Hotel, Northland Properties, stated they were collaborating closely with the authorities. Their number one concern is making sure staff and guests are safe. They are assisting the wounded in every way possible.

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