Plastic Surgeon Sued After Allegedly Doing Procedure While Drunk

( – A plastic surgeon from Arizona faces lawsuits from two former patients who accuse him of performing surgeries while under the influence of alcohol, leaving them with poor results and in great distress. Alicia Armijo and Wendy Ellsworth both claim to have smelled alcohol on Bradley Becker’s breath when they attended his practice for cosmetic surgeries.

Ellsworth, who had a breast reduction and tummy tuck, told reporters that Becker’s allegedly sub-par work left her feeling like “Frankenstein.” and struggling to leave the house. She filed her lawsuit against Becker in September 2023 in Maricopa County, Arizona, alleging battery, medical negligence, and intentionally inflicting emotional distress. Ellsworth said that she noticed the smell of alcohol on Becker’s breath when he spoke to her before the surgery but decided to continue with the procedure as she had already paid and was convinced she would not be able to get her money back.

The original surgery, which cost Ellsworth $16,000, allegedly left her with saggy skin across her body that she should not have had. She ultimately paid a further $25,000 for corrective surgery by another surgeon. Alicia Armijo paid approximately $12,000 for Becker to give her a tummy tuck, which she says has left her with terrible scarring and requires corrective surgery. She explained that she cannot afford the additional $12,000 for corrective surgery and has begun counseling to try to help with her body dysmorphia, which she says set in after the surgery.

Both women have also named Ioana Baragau as an additional defendant. The claimants met Baragau at Becker’s practice, where she advised them on post-surgery care for their wounds. They said they believed her to be a qualified nurse, but later discovered that she was simply Becker’s lover. Becker’s website promotes him as a specialist in tummy tucks and breast surgeries who has been in practice in Arizona since 2002. He denies being under the influence of alcohol while performing surgery and claims that his work is of a reasonable standard. When contacted for comment, his attorney said that Becker would not try the case in the press but would keep his remarks to the courtroom.

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