Pro-Palestine Radicals Linked to AOC and Rockefellers

( – Another wave of pro-Palestinian protests erupted in New York City this month, stopping trafficking and frustrating commuters. Yet, these demonstrations may not have been developed naturally, but in secret by radical groups employing heavier-handed tactics and receiving big-time funding.

According to the New York Post, at least six pro-Palestinian groups were behind the protests that disrupted rush-hour traffic on Monday, January 8th, stranding commuters on the Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Bridges, as well as the Holland Tunnel. One of the groups was the Democratic Socialists of America, who boast such prestigious members as Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

Coordinating with the other groups, the Democratic Socialists posted tons of footage from the protests. They also rolled out forgotten Hollywood stars like Susan Sarandon, who’s already apologized once for comments she made at a previous Manhattan rally that were interpreted as antisemitic.

A political analyst from the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, Justin Finklestein, believes the coordinated efforts of these groups are evidence that they all have common back channels providing funds and directions. He said this is the “most disruptive” he’s seen the groups behave and that it is “slowing down” the daily movements of New Yorkers to “make it impossible” for the protesters not to be noticed, which Finklestein believes is “their goal.”

The analyst added that he believes the protesters think their “direct actions raise awareness” for their cause and warned the public to expect more attempts to disrupt the lives of ordinary people. Over 330 arrests occurred during the wave of demonstrations.

The other five groups confirmed to have organized and participated in the protests were Critical Resistance, Jewish Voice for Peace, Al-Awda, Writers Against War On Gaza, and the Palestinian Youth Movement. Aside from their connections to Sarandon and AOC, they are also associated with elite universities such as Brown, UCLA, and Yale. Some of their most notable funding contributors include a foundation owned by the Rockefeller family, the company Charles Schwab, and the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation.

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