Pro-Trump Tuckers Blacklist New York City Following $355M Fraud Verdict

( – Truckers have taken to social media to blast the $355 million fine levied against former president Donald Trump in his recent fraud case, with some going further and threatening to boycott New York City in retaliation. Trump was found guilty of misrepresenting the value of his property to finance companies in order to receive more favorable deals, although the case was unusual in that no victims or losses were reported as a result of his actions.

Despite the lack of victims, Judge Engoron ruled that Trump should pay $355 million in fines and be barred from doing business in New York for three years.

The case has garnered controversy throughout its life, with Trump accusing the judge and his clerk of harboring left-wing biases against him. Both are known to have donated to the Democrat party. Engoron even applied a gag order to Trump and his team to prevent him from discussing the trial or the courtroom staff in public after Trump lambasted Engoron’s clerk on social media.

After Engoron set out his judgment on February 16th, many Trump supporters voiced their dismay online, amongst them a man calling himself “Chicago Ray”. Chicago Ray is a self-described “trucker for Trump” who likened the fraud case against Trump to “election interference” and made reference to a possible boycott by truckers against New York City. He posted his views on X, previously known as Twitter, but later deleted his posts and explained that he did not wish to lead any movement or tell people what to do.

He has been far from the only trucker to prepare for a possible boycott against the Big Apple. A trucker named Jennifer Hernandez said that while she did not wish to cause harm to the people of New York, she would support the move, and felt confident that the loss of even 10% of goods coming into the city could cause consumer prices to “skyrocket”. Others have joined the calls to cease deliveries to New York, with one individual suggesting it should continue for as long as Trump is banned from operating his company in the city.

Trump has responded with gratitude to the truckers via his social media site, Truth. He referred to them as “patriots” and said that he was honored to have their support. He added his view that Pres. Biden was “weaponizing” the judicial system and threatening the democratic process.

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