Prominent Democrat Power Broker Charged in Racketeering Case

Man with bribe money on dark background, closeup

( – A New Jersey businessman known for his role as a power broker for the Democrats has been indicted along with five others, including his brother Philip on charges relating to alleged racketeering. George Norcross was charged on Monday, June 18th, with threatening people, operating a racketeering scheme, and orchestrating tax legislation to benefit himself and his organizations.

Norcross, 68, has had a long business career in which he has enjoyed close political ties with leading Democrats. His brother Philip is a political lobbyist, and his brother Donald is a Democrat member of the House of Representatives. Donald has not been charged in the case. George Norcross is known to be friends with former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and was on the Democratic National Committee until 2021. He is understood to have been a key financial backer for many Democrat politicians both in New Jersey and across the country and has wielded significant influence on various members of the party.

New Jersey State Attorney Matt Platkin has accused Norcross of abusing his influence and power to suit his own ends. He claims that Norcross and others were able to take millions of dollars in tax credits by asserting property rights along the waterfront area of Camden, New Jersey. These tax credits were put into place at least in part due to Norcross’s influence, according to the prosecution. Once in place, Norcross and his associates were able to “extort and coerce” people to get their hands on properties along the waterfront area, earning millions in tax credits as a result.

Alongside the two Norcross brothers, charges have been levied against Sidney Brown, a trucking company CFO; John O’Donnell, a businessman; Bill Tambussi, a lawyer; and Dana Redd, the former Mayor of Camden. The group finds themselves in the company of several other high-profile New Jersey businessmen and politicians whose dealings have come under the scrutiny of prosecutors of late. New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, also a Democrat, is currently on trial along with his wife and several local businessmen on charges of corruption.

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