Report Claims Russia Wants to Put Nuclear Weapon in Space

( – A new report warns that Russia has plans to put a nuclear weapon in space, a move which may increase the risk of the U.S. power grid being devastated in an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. ABC News reported that Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, had spoken to Congress about a serious threat to national security on Wednesday, February 14th. According to ABC News sources, this discussion pertained to Russian aims to place a nuclear weapon in space. Turner is reported to have demanded that Pres. Biden declassify the related information so that Congress could have the full picture.

With only limited information being made public thus far, expert opinions differ on what type of weapon may be in the running, and on how soon it could pose a threat to the U.S. and the rest of the world. One academic, Almudena Azcárate Ortega, who acts as a researcher into space security and weapons of mass destruction for the UN, believes that the weapon is more likely to be a nuclear-powered than a nuclear-armed “jammer” that could be used to interfere with satellites in space.

Another academic who specializes in space and warfare dismissed current fears over the potential weapon. Dr. Bleddyn Bowen from the University of Leicester claimed that it could be a “number of things”, none of which would be “a big deal”.

Others have expressed greater concern over a possible imminent threat from the skies. Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt believes that Russia could have a directed energy weapon or a type of nuclear weapon that when deployed would have the same effect as a powerful EMP blast. EMP expert William Forstchen claims that detonating just one such weapon 200 miles above the U.S. would be catastrophic. Forstchen says that the detonation could short-circuit the whole U.S. power grid and bring the country to a dramatic halt. “Everything is produced by electricity” he explained, adding that even maintaining a supply of clean water relies on electric power.

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