Republicans Outnumbered 10 to 1 as 500 Non-Citizens Register to Vote in D.C.

( – Recent voter registration numbers in Washington, D.C. reveal what many already expected in the blue-dominated nation’s capital: Democrats outnumber Republicans by 10 to one and are receiving an extra boost by allowing non-citizens to register.

A new report from The Washington Post on Monday, June 3rd, elaborated on the situation in D.C. and the first 500+ voters who have been allowed to register to vote there even without American citizenship.

According to a spokesperson for the D.C. Board of Elections, 310 of those voters registered as Democrats, 169 as Independents, and only 28 as Republicans. Sixteen stragglers registered for the D.C. Statehood Green Party.

The leaders of the nation’s capital, which has no Congressional voting representative, decided to expand voting rights to non-citizens under specific conditions. As long as the individual is 18 years old on Election Day, has been a resident of the city for a minimum of 30 days prior to Election Day, isn’t deemed legally incompetent by a court or claiming the right in any other country, territory, or state, then they are eligible to register to vote and cast a ballot in D.C.

The development comes as a result of a law called the Local Resident Voting Rights Act, which was passed in October 2022 by the city council and upheld last year by U.S. District Judge for D.C. Amy Berman Jackson, who was appointed during the Obama administration. Back in March, a conservative group challenged the legislation in a lawsuit, but Jackson threw out the case and upheld the Act.

Last month, the U.S. House of Representatives also advanced legislation to stop the Local Resident Voting Rights Act in the nation’s capital, although the Democrat-dominated Senate will be unlikely to send it to President Joe Biden’s desk. Citizens have also been bombarding lawmakers with angry phone calls about the rule change, which they believe is unfair to American citizens.

Republican lawmakers have long proposed that Democrats would use the ongoing influx of immigration at the southern border as a means to muster support at the polls.

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