Republicans Reject Trump’s Bid for Winner-Take-All Election System

( – State lawmakers rejected a motion to vote on a proposal that would have brought a proposal for a winner-takes-all policy for Nebraska’s delegates in the general election this November.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, a law endorsed by former President Donald Trump and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen to change the state to a winner-takes-all system of electoral votes failed to generate enough GOP support to advance.

The legislation, introduced by Nebraska Sen. Loren Lippincott, would automatically award all five votes of Nebraska’s Electoral College to the candidate who performs the best in the general election in November, which is how 48 states already determine their Electoral College votes. LB 764 spent more than a year tied up in the Nebraska Senate Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee until the latest motion to bring it to a vote attempting to break through the deadlock and stop Democrats from filibustering it.

In a vote of 8-36, the procedural motion initiated by the Republican state Sen. Julie Slama failed to make it past the GOP-controlled state legislature.

Minutes before the vote, Slama spoke to her colleagues and reminded them that the vote on the motion, which would break the deadlock by overruling the chair, was also their “vote on winner-take-all.” She said it would reveal where the other senators stand, that the state and the whole country “is watching,” and those opposed would “be called out.” Slama was only able to convince seven other Republicans to support the motion.

In a “winner-takes-all” system, all of the state’s electoral votes would most likely go to Trump after the general election. In 2020, he only received four of Nebraska’s Electoral College votes, while Biden claimed the fifth from his victory in the state’s 2nd Congressional District.

Democratic state Sen. John Fredrickson responded to the vote positively and said that the legislature of Nebraska “answers to the voters” and “not Charlie Kirk” or Trump. Frederickson was referencing a remark by Kirk, a conservative political commentator, who said that Trump would lose in 2024 “by exactly ONE electoral vote” due to the congressional district system.

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