Republicans Release Damning Jan. 6 Footage of Nancy Pelosi

( – Republicans have publicly released footage of then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blaming herself for the insufficient security detail on Capitol Hill on January 6th, 2021. The video was shot on January 6th by Pelosi’s daughter and shows the Democrat lawmaker having a highly charged exchange with her chief of staff, Terri McCullough.

As the three women are leaving the Capitol in Pelosi’s SUV, Pelosi can be heard in the footage telling McCullough that their team should have had “accountability”. McCullough argued that she thought they had enough security staff to handle the pro-Trump rioters entering the building. Pelosi said that they should have had the National Guard from the beginning, before saying that she took responsibility for not “preparing” security staff more.

The footage has caused a stir, not least because the Democrat-led January 6th Select Committee had previously refused to release it. For the last three years, Pelosi has fought to lay the blame for the day’s events firmly at the feet of then-President Donald Trump. The protestors were on site for Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally and were ostensibly there to protest the election result that saw Joe Biden voted in as the next president. Pelosi has often said that Trump should have called on the National Guard to remove protestors immediately and has not publicly taken any responsibility for the events.

A 2022 report published by House Republicans found that Democrat leaders hesitated to call in the National Guard to disperse the protestors. They were reportedly concerned about the “optics” of such a move following the lax approach to the previous summer’s “Black Lives Matter” protests.

Pelosi has since taken to the media to claim that the Republicans are attempting to re-write history with the footage and provide a “false impression” of January 6th. A spokesperson for Pelosi slammed the move as “unpatriotic and pathetic” and accused Republicans of taking the footage out of context.

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