Republicans Unapologetic About Ousting George Santos Despite Losing Seat

( – After the party failed to fill his seat with another Republican, GOP members of the House of Representatives seemed to express little regret about ousting former Rep. George Santos of New York at the end of last year, even after a recent scolding from former President Donald Trump.

After Republicans lost the 3rd Congressional District Seat of New York in a special election on Tuesday, February 13th, the already-narrow lead they had as the House majority slipped further away.

Despite the thinning GOP influence, those who booted Santos from Congress said they wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. New York Rep. Mike Lawler said he didn’t shrink the GOP majority and that Santos did that “by his actions.” Lawler said that the halls of Congress “have to have standards,” which is why he doesn’t regret voting to expel Santos, believing he “was unfit to serve.” The congressman added that sometimes there are decisions to be made that are “bigger than politics.”

Santos won the seat in 2022 in a major upset but only managed to hold onto it for eleven months. He was voted out last year after the embattled lawmaker ended up under investigation for misusing campaign funds and lying about his background and credentials.

After Democratic candidate Tom Suozzi’s victory, instead of re-evaluating its party strategy, lawmakers are accusing Mazi Pilip of conducting a bad campaign. Although she ran as a Republican, Pilip remains a registered Democrat. Trump weighed in on the loss and said perhaps she probably remains a Democrat. Trump also said Pilip would have won if she sought his endorsement and called her a “foolish woman.”

Republican Rep. John Curtis of Utah said his vote wasn’t “contingent on the outcome” of the special election that would follow but based on what he thought “was the right thing to do.” Curtis said the “seat doesn’t matter” when it comes to doing the right thing.

Republican Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois said that although he wishes the GOP would’ve won, “so be it.”

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