Rubio Slams Biden Over Trump Legal Battle

( – Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida blasted President Joe Biden for allegedly weaponizing the Justice Department against his political enemies and said former President Donald Trump never used such tactics while in office.

On Sunday, July 7th, Rubio appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” and discussed the latest Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity with anchor Dana Bash. That decision determined that presidents may not be prosecuted for official acts taken while in office as long as those acts fall within the peripheral limits of presidential duties.

Rubio told Bash that he is “uncomfortable with the fact” that the current commander-in-chief “targets his political opponents,” adding that Trump did not do this while he was president. He said he could not “think of a single Democrat” Trump “chased around, persecuted,” or “prosecuted.”

The Florida senator said he found it “funny” to see people “warning about all of the horrible things” they claim that Trump will do if returned to the White House. Trump himself has repeatedly dismissed notions of revenge by clarifying that when he talks about retribution, he means that his “success” as president will constitute his revenge.

Rubio said it’s the Democrats who are actually “going after their political opponents” and that Trump was “very clear” that “winning and making America great again” will be his vengeance, not persecuting his political opponents. The senator noted to the CNN anchor that Trump said this during the debate hosted by the network last month.

When Bash pushed back and claimed no evidence existed linking the president to plots targeting Republicans, despite two cases from Biden’s Justice Department against Trump and a former top Biden official joining the Manhattan case.

Rubio said it was clear that the U.S. has “reached an era” where people in politics believe it is right to use the court system as “a weapon” against their enemies. He then reiterated that Trump has never used the law in this way and did not go after the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, or any of their former officials and allies.

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