Scam Victim Murders Driver in Dashcam Footage

( – An Uber driver was fatally shot in Ohio by an elderly man who thought she was part of a telephone scam that contacted him shortly before her arrival.

Under circumstances puzzling to law enforcement, a 61-year-old Uber driver, Loletha Hall, was killed after she showed up at a residence to pick up a package on Monday, March 25th. The moments before her death were captured by her car’s dash cam, which showed an elderly man approaching Hall with a gun drawn around 11:20 AM. The man was 81-year-old William Brock from South Charleston, who struggled with Hall briefly as she tried to get back into her car before he shot her.

Before Hall showed up at his residence, Brock allegedly received a phone call from someone impersonating an incarcerated relative who reportedly threatened Brock and his family while demanding money to secure their safety. According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, someone also contacted Hall using the Uber app and hired her to retrieve a package from Brock’s home to be delivered elsewhere. When she pulled into Brock’s driveway and exited her vehicle, Brock greeted her with his gun drawn and demanded that Hall tell him who sent her and tried to grab her phone.

Brock can be heard demanding the phone off-camera in the video’s audio, after which Hall tells him to “stop” and threatens to call 911. Brock then shot her three times before contacting 911 himself and reporting the shooting, claiming to the dispatcher that Hall tried to rob him. Hall was rushed to Miami Valley Hospital by first responders but died while undergoing surgery.

Law enforcement is unsure if the person who hired Hall through the transportation app is the same person who called Brock or if it was an accomplice. The account that placed the car order was since banned from the app.

A Clark County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson also told reporters that Hall suffered from medical conditions, was herself unarmed, and “made no threats or assaults” toward Brock. She also made no demands and only inquired about the package she was hired to pick up. Because of the lack of threat from Hall, as proven by her dashcam, Brock was arrested and is now facing murder charges.

Brock allegedly suffered minor wounds to his head during the brief struggle with Hall. He pleaded not guilty in Clark County Municipal Court last week and is being held on a bond of $200,000.

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