Schumer and Netanyahu Trade Blows

( – Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) gave a speech on the Senate Floor on Thursday, March 14th, in which he criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and even called for Israel to elect a new leader. Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared on the Fox News show, “Fox & Friends Weekend,” to rebuke the Senate Majority Leader for his “wholly inappropriate” speech.

Speaking on Fox on Sunday, March 17th, Netanyahu condemned Schumer for overstepping his position and emphasized that Israel is not a “banana republic” whose leadership would be controlled by another nation. Instead, he said that the national leadership would be determined by the people, admonishing Schumer for trying to exert influence on an allied country’s government, particularly during a time of war.

Netanyahu reaffirmed his commitment to dismantling Hamas, the terroristic ruling body of Gaza that has vowed to repeat its October 7th massacre against Israel, as well as its extensive infrastructure which includes miles of subterranean tunnels and bunkers. He claimed that Israel had made efforts to allow non-combatants in Gaza to evacuate targeted areas but stressed that Israel would not end its efforts without complete victory.

In his speech, which Pres. Biden described as a “great speech,” Schumer claimed that Netanyahu was one of four obstacles preventing peace between Palestinians and Israelis. He included Hamas and its supporters, far-right Israelis, and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas on that list. He also expressed his view that a peaceful future must include a two-state solution.

The Israeli prime minister said that the focus must remain on deposing Hamas and attempting to save the remaining hostages taken by Hamas from Israel on October 7th. He explained that Israel is in the process of negotiating a deal that would include a six-week ceasefire in return for some of the more vulnerable hostages, but that Hamas continued to make “outlandish” demands, such as the release of up to 1000 Palestinian prisoners. Netanyahu added that by maintaining military pressure on Hamas, Israel would be more likely to get their people back.

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