SCOTUS Gives Historic Trump Immunity Ruling

( – Former President Donald Trump landed a massive legal victory in his ongoing court battles after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of his argument that presidential immunity applied to official acts while in office, dealing a major blow to the election interference case against him.

In a 6-3 vote by the Supreme Court Justices, Trump was granted presidential immunity on all official acts taken while in office.

According to the ruling written by Chief Justice John Roberts, Trump will not be immune from prosecution for “unofficial acts,” specifying that “not everything” a president does counts as “official.” Roberts said that although no president is “above the law,” their conduct while “carrying out” Executive Branch responsibilities “under the Constitution” cannot be criminalized by Congress. The ruling said that the separation of powers established by the Constitution’s Framers demands an Executive Branch that is “energetic” and “independent.”

In sum, a president cannot be prosecuted for exercising the “core constitutional powers” of the Executive Office and is entitled to at least a “presumptive immunity” for all official acts. The ruling also specifies that this immunity extends to all Oval Office occupants.

Roberts went on to explain that because of the president’s role in executing U.S. laws, he must oversee a “vast array of activities” touching on almost all aspects of life in America, and therefore inevitably ends up speaking publicly about it. Because of this, and the historical precedent of the “bully pulpit,” most of the president’s public remarks will likely be covered as part of his official responsibilities.

The decision raises several doubts about Trump’s charges going into trial in which he’s accused of attempting to overturn the 2020 election and inspiring the mob of Jan. 6th, 2021, in Washington D.C. based on this.

Critics of the decision, such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, slammed the Supreme Court ruling as “seriously dangerous.” She called the decision “a political gift” to Trump.

Trump posted about the ruling on his Truth Social page, calling it a “big win” for the Constitution and democracy.

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