Secret Tunnel Discovered Under New York Synagogue

( – The New Year is certainly off to an unusual start, between rumors of aliens in Miami and the release of unredacted documents related to Jeffrey Epstein. Now, a secret tunnel was discovered underneath a synagogue in New York City, leading to multiple arrests and an array of new rumors.

According to law enforcement, nine men were taken into custody during a dispute between police and Hasidic Jewish worshippers over a secret tunnel clandestinely burrowed into the side of and underneath a historic synagogue in Brooklyn. The confrontation erupted into an outright brawl with police as they tried to remove people from the synagogue and close off the hidden passageway. The synagogue is called the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters, located at 770 Eastern Parkway in the Crown Heights neighborhood of the New York City borough.

After responding to a tip, police found an underground passage to the synagogue leading to a tunnel running underneath multiple office buildings and lecture halls. The other end of the tunnel was inside a vacant building, where the makers smashed through one of the walls to make an entrance. A report from a few days after the incident reported the tunnel left two structures it ran under unstable.

The dispute started when a cement truck arrived to fill the tunnel and met with resistance as some men stood in the way and refused to evacuate the tunnel. Video footage of the mayhem quickly went viral, showing police clashing with a group of young Jewish men standing inside and in front of a giant hole in a brick wall. The men shoved officers and threw wooden desks.

According to a Chabad spokesperson, Motti Seligson, the makeshift passageway was created by a “group of extremist students.” Although details are still scarce, it is believed the vandals were attempting to illegally expand the synagogue without a permit, and that the tunnels were used to move debris in secret. Other, more sinister rumors began to fly, from child abuse to human trafficking.

The spokesperson also thanked the NYPD “for their professionalism and sensitivity” when handling the situation, which they said “will be investigated.”

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