Senate Candidate Claims Mayorkas Impeachment Is a ‘No Brainer’

( – Bernie Moreno, an Ohio businessman with plans to become a Republican senator, has repeated his ongoing calls for the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, calling it a “no-brainer”. Moreno, who made his fortune in the Cleveland automotive industry before entering the political arena, added that he called for Mayorkas to be impeached a year ago, claiming that the Security Secretary had failed to follow the “laws of the land” and should never have been appointed to the role.

Moreno’s voice is one of many calling for Mayorkas to be impeached in a move that would see the first serving cabinet official impeached since 1876. Both Democrats and Republicans voted to put forth articles for impeachment before the bipartisan Homeland Security Committee, which has since held several hearings and released multiple interim reports on the matter. The committee voted in favor of progressing Mayorkas’ impeachment on January 31st, although ultimately it is unlikely that a Democrat-controlled senate will find him guilty of the charges put to him which revolve around his handling of the migration crisis at the southern U.S. border.

Moreno said that Mayorkas’ actions have allowed U.S. citizens to be put “in jeopardy”, with an unknown number of criminals managing to cross the border into the U.S. and escape without detection. Illegal migration into the country has hit record highs, with a staggering 300,000 estimated to have entered the U.S. from Mexico in December 2023 alone. Moreno said that if those crossing the border without permission were all wearing the same clothes, people would call it “an invasion,” adding that that is exactly how he viewed the matter.

Mayorkas has dismissed the accusations against him as “false” in a biting missive to Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green, claiming that he remains devoted to his role and is unfazed by the possibility of impeachment. A full House vote is expected to be scheduled in the coming days, with the possibility of a trial in the Democrat-controlled Senate to follow.

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