Stormy Daniels’ Credibility Ruined with Paranormal Testimony

( – The Stormy Daniels hush money case has taken a turn for the strange with recent questioning focusing on her self-professed paranormal experiences.

The case centers on hush money allegedly paid by Donald Trump to the adult film star to buy her silence about an affair she claims to have had with him. According to the prosecution, this payment was mischaracterized as legal expenses and amounts to election interference as it was alleged to have been made in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, which Trump won.

Following two days in which Daniels provided testimony over the alleged affair in great detail, Trump’s defense was able to question Daniels at length about her truthfulness, her attempts to financially capitalize on the trial, and even her history of claiming to have had paranormal experiences.

Defense attorney Susan Necheles accused Daniels of having “changed [her story] a lot over the years” after the prosecution appeared to remind Daniels to mention a detail about the floor tiles in Trump’s hotel. While Necheles suggested that the prosecution team had coached Daniels in what to say on the stand, Daniels maintained that her story was consistent with the details she published in her book.

Her tell-all book, which focused on Donald Trump and her alleged relationship with him, was not the only career choice that Necheles questioned. Daniels has taken to selling merchandise themed around the hush money case, including candles featuring herself as the “Stormy, Saint of Indictments”. Daniels responded that it was not much different to Trump selling merchandise featuring his mugshot.

Daniel’s career as a self-employed medium and her YouTube show, “Spooky Babes,” was also called into question. Daniels confirmed that she did investigate what she thought to be paranormal activity around her home, although she found that it was mostly noise caused by a possum. She also claimed that she could speak to the spirits of the dead and that a boyfriend of hers had once been attacked by a ghost that held him underwater while he bathed.

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