Super Bowl Faces Boycott Calls Days Before Game

( – Super Bowl LVIII turned out to be one of the most talked-about in NFL history. Yet, it wasn’t just the game or the players that drew so much attention this year, but pop star Taylor Swift, whose presence was the reason some people on social media were calling to boycott the anticipated game days before it happened and the Kansas City Chiefs claimed their narrow victory.

After the Chiefs secured their spot in the final football competition of the year to face off with the San Francisco 49ers, many fans eagerly awaited the game not just to see the two teams battle for the crown, but to catch a glimpse of Swift, who is the highest grossing female touring act in the world and one of the best-selling musicians in history. Ever since she began dating Travis Kelce of the Chiefs, she’s become a regular feature of the NFL.

But not everyone felt so enthusiastic. Many conservatives have lambasted her presence in the sport, and some believe a larger scheme is afoot to influence voters in the upcoming election. Swift endorsed Biden during the 2020 election, and rumors have persisted that she will do so again.

Former President Donald Trump is also paying attention to Swift. On game day, he took to Truth Social to weigh in on the rumors, claiming “there’s no way” Swift would endorse Biden, who Trump once again called “the worst and most corrupt president” in US history. The former president went as far as to claim that such an endorsement would be “disloyal” to him after he’s “made her so much money,” which was a reference to the Music Modernization Act he signed in 2018 during his presidency.

The copyright law reform bill updated the rules of licensing and royalties to benefit musicians more during the age of streaming services. The legislation took years to finalize, and it unanimously passed the House and Senate, after which Trump signed it. The former president said Biden “didn’t do anything” for Swift and that he “never will.”

Despite social media being abuzz with calls to boycott the Super Bowl, the ratings were high, and the Chiefs won the competition. The game also turned out to be the longest Super Bowl in NFL history and the seventh-longest game in the league’s history.

Immediately after the Chiefs won, Biden’s campaign team also poked fun at the conspiracy theories surrounding Swift, posting on his Twitter page a photo of the “Dark Brandon” meme accompanied by the caption, “Just like we drew it up.” The joke resulted in widespread backlash from conservative commentators.

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