Suspect in Triple-Murder Case Confesses to Girlfriend

( – A murder suspect in the disappearance of an American and two Australian men in Mexico allegedly told his girlfriend that he was responsible for their deaths during a court appearance on Wednesday, May 8th.

Ari Gisel told the court that her boyfriend, Jesus Gerardo Garcia Cota, came to her home on April 28th explaining that he killed three “gringos” and took the tires off their vehicle. Gringo is a Mexican slang term for a white English speaker.

Gisel reported that Cota confessed to the killings and showed her the new tires on his truck. Mexican prosecutors believe that Cota and two other men killed Callum and Jake Robinson, as well as Jack Carter Rhoad in late April while the three were camping and surfing on the Mexican coast. They went missing south of Ensenada.

The Mexican prosecutor argued that the motive was theft, but when the thieves were interrupted by the three foreigners they decided to kill them. She explained that the bodies were located in a deep well in a well-concealed area and a fourth body was also recovered. Investigators will attempt to connect the men to the fourth murder due to finding the body in the same location.

Debra Robinson is the mother of the two brothers and she explained that her family was suffering tremendously after the murder of their two boys. She said that they were engaged in their passion, which was surfing. She explained that Jake Robinson worked at hospitals near famous surfing beaches specifically so he could enjoy the beach.

Cota will be charged in the kidnapping and murder of the men as the police continue to investigate. They’re looking to connect Cota’s co-conspirators to the crime who were being held on possession of methamphetamine charges in the interim.

The situation in Mexico continues to betray a violent unpredictable society where cartels and seemingly random acts of criminal violence can result in the deaths of travelers caught unawares. There were over 30,000 murders in Mexico per year going back six years. Several hundred thousand are missing as well.

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