Texas Attorney General Says Border Efforts Making a Difference

(RepublicanNews.org) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that the work and efforts of conservatives are “making a difference” at the southern border despite the continuous legal challenges the Lone Star State faces trying to keep the surge of illegal immigrants at bay.

On Tuesday, March 19, Paxton appeared on “FRONTLINE” and told host Carl Higbie that the Texas tactics regarding the border are having an impact on the state, even if it doesn’t ultimately solve the problem for other states.

His remarks come in the wake of an order from the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals that the recent border enforcement law passed in Texas is now on hold. The new legislation gave Texas law enforcement the authority to arrest illegal immigrants and send them back over the US-Mexico border.

Even without the detainment law, Paxton says the other measures taken by the state, such as installing razor wire and a buoy barrier with a net in the Rio Grande River, are mitigating the overwhelming influx of attempted crossings. He told Higbie that these measures are “already making a difference” and are forcing people to go around Texas and move to “New Mexico and California” instead. He said that although Lone Star State’s tactics do not “help the overall problem,” the measures “help Texas” and that any other state who wishes to do the same has that choice to make if they “cared about the issue.”

Paxton added that the methods employed by Texas are “tremendously expensive,” costing “billions and billions of dollars” for fences, barriers, and law enforcement, but that he thinks “it makes a difference.”

Two days after Paxton’s remarks, harrowing footage emerged from the El Paso border sector showing a giant mob of immigrants, which appeared comprised of mostly men, ripping down a fence and confronting American soldiers blocking their way. After a brief standoff, with many of the immigrants raising their hands in a sign not to shoot, they rushed forward before being stopped by a gate.

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