Texas Clashes With Biden Admin In Court Over Immigration Law Block

(RepublicanNews.org) – The battle between the state of Texas and the White House over how to manage the southern border crisis continues, with Texas defending its Senate Bill 4 in a federal appeals court on Wednesday, April 3rd after a challenge by the Biden administration resulted in its pause.

The bill is designed to tackle the high levels of illegal immigration that the border state faces. It gives powers to local police to arrest illegal aliens and allows Texas judges to order their deportation. Tensions between federal and state powers have increased in recent months with many, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, becoming frustrated at the record-high level of illegal immigration and the consequent drain on local resources.

The appeal is the latest iteration of the ongoing power struggle between state and federal government, with the Department of Justice arguing that immigration law is the federal government’s domain and that the state of Texas has overstepped its bounds by creating and enforcing its own immigration law. Previously, Gov. Abbott has butted heads with Pres. Biden by installing razor wire along the Rio Grande to deter migrants from crossing into Texas. Abbott also announced in February that the state would be building a new military complex at Eagle Pass to better accommodate the border forces needed to protect Texas from illegal immigration.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), arguing against the SB4 in the appeals court, claimed that the bill would result in approximately 80,000 more arrests each year, and the DOJ said that it would interfere with federal law. Texas Solicitor General Aaron Neilson said that the bill would in fact complement federal law, but acknowledged that his state may have overstepped, a question that he said would need to be decided upon by the court. The court’s decision may influence the next steps not just of Texas, but of other states looking for a solution to the border crisis and the problems that flow from it, as Iowa, Tennessee, and Louisiana are all reportedly considering implementing similar bills.

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