Thieves Make Off with $30M in Massive Cash Heist

( – The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating a massive heist in California, one of the largest in the city’s history, which took place undetected on Easter Sunday.

At least $30 million stored in a facility in the San Fernando Valley was stolen on Sunday, March 31st, and authorities are still uncertain how it happened. The facility, located in the suburban neighborhood of Sylmar and operated by GardaWorld, held cash reserves from various businesses in the region. The FBI is now working with the LAPD to find the culprits and figure out how they pulled off the large-scale theft.

The heist took place in the dead of night, and the thief or thieves managed to enter the facility and money storage area undetected. Law enforcement suspects that a sophisticated group conducted the burglary and that whoever was involved may have had specific knowledge about the facility and its alarm systems, managing to enter and remove the money without triggering those safeguards.

An AIR7 HD helicopter flew over the storage facility on Wednesday, April 3rd, and captured footage of a giant boarded-up hole on the side of the structure with a pile of debris in front of it. It has not been confirmed if this was directly related to the theft.

The LAPD and FBI are asking anyone with details about the case to call in with tips and information. So far, they haven’t released details about any known suspects.

Just two years ago, in July 2022, a large robbery of gems, jewelry, watches, and other valuables amounting to $100 million took place in Southern California after a Brick’s cargo trailer was looted at a truck stop. The suspects in that burglary remain at large.

The last large cash heist in Los Angeles happened in September 1997, when a Dunbar Armored Inc. storage facility formerly located on Mateo Street was robbed of $18.8 million. Those culprits were eventually apprehended.

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