Top Secret Undersea Drone Spotted on Satellite Image

( – After users found what appeared to be a top-secret U.S. underwater drone on Google Maps, the prototype weapon was quickly scrubbed from the imaging software.

Users of Google Maps noticed a prototype underwater drone docked at a naval base in Port Hueneme, California. Since the curious find was pointed out online, the drone captured by satellite imaging has been erased from Google Maps and replaced by boats some speculate were edited into the image.

The drone has wing-like fins and a diamond-shaped body, leading to the nickname “Manta Ray.” The drone reportedly utilizes advanced sensor technology to detect underwater threats and classify hazards. The design was kept under wraps by the Northrop Grumman Corporation until relatively recently. In May, the company deployed the underwater vehicle for testing and users noticed it also appeared on Google Maps.

The development is considered a leap forward in marine drone technology. On top of its extended range, the Manta Ray can be deployed for long periods unmanned and can carry small to larger payloads. The design also makes the drone easy to dismantle and transport using shipping containers, which cuts costs by eliminating the need to construct dedicated port facilities to house or transport the drones.

The Manta Ray is also designed to run on low energy and can even hibernate underwater by anchoring to the ocean floor and powering down when not in use. During emergencies, it can also be deployed faster than traditional submarine vessels.

The exact purpose of the experimental underwater drone remains unknown, yet rumors abound that it will be used in the Ukraine war with Russia. The disappearance of the vessel from Google Maps also sparked rumors that it was already sent to the Black Sea to be used in the conflict.

Since the report of the vehicle’s disappearance from Google Maps, The Daily Mail reported on June 25th that it is now visible again. Whether or not Google intervened following the online speculation remains unclear.

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( – Kristi Noem has admitted that she is not in the running to be the next Vice President of the United States. The television star said on Sunday, June 23rd that she had not been vetted for the spot, telling the press she had “not received” such paperwork. This admission comes after her public hints that polls indicate a female vice presidential candidate could significantly enhance Trump’s prospects in battleground states.

Noem’s remarks reflect her belief in Trump’s autonomy in choosing his running mate. “I’ve had conversations with the president, and I know that he is the only one who will be making the decisions on who will be his vice president,” she said. When asked if Trump would err by not choosing a woman, Noem deflected, stressing that the priority should be on selecting the most suitable candidate. “He needs to pick the best person for the job,” she reiterated, emphasizing the necessity of a choice that aids in winning the election.

Current reports suggest Trump’s shortlist for the vice presidential slot includes three Republican men: Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. This lineup has pushed aside earlier predictions that Noem was a top contender, despite her significant presence in national politics. Her chances of making the cut recently plummeted after she wrote about killing her pet dog and a goat in a recent memoir. Critics argue that this story has negatively impacted her chances.

When asked if this incident influenced her standing with Trump, Noem responded defensively, highlighting the context of the event. “That was a story from 20 years ago about me protecting my children from a vicious animal,” she explained. “The reason it is in my book is because that book is filled with challenging times and hard decisions.”

The memoir incident continues to be a point of contention. However, Noem remains focused on her current role and the broader political landscape. As discussions about Trump’s running mate intensify, her comments underline the strategic calculations at play within the Republican camp. Noem’s stance on the vice presidential selection underscores her pragmatic approach to politics, reflecting a blend of personal narrative and political strategy. Whether or not she ultimately becomes part of Trump’s 2024 ticket, her influence and voice in the GOP remain significant.

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