Trump Fails to Halt $454.2 Million Judgment in NY Fraud Case

( – Donald Trump’s request to delay payment of the fine imposed upon him by a New York judge after losing his fraud case has been denied. Associate Justice Anil Singh refused to place a stay on Judge Engoron’s order that Trump pay a fine of approximately $355 million plus prejudgment interest that as of Singh’s ruling on February 28th brought the total to just over $454 million.

Trump’s legal team requested a temporary reprieve from the fine while they appealed the ruling, which also bars Trump from running any business or seeking loans in the state of New York for three years, claiming that he would be unable to pay the full fine using liquid assets. Instead, Trump’s lawyers suggested that he pay a $100 million bond against the fine. While Singh refused to delay the fine, he did place a stay on the part of the judgment that prevented Trump from doing business or applying for loans in the state, meaning that the former president can now apply for a loan from a New York bonding company.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the civil fraud case against Trump, in which she accused him of inflating his property’s worth in order to secure more favorable financial deals, argued that a partial payment while Trump appeals the verdict would not be good enough. While asking the court to reject Trump’s request in its entirety, she claimed that only a full payment by Trump and his codefendants would be appropriate, as she believed he had demonstrated that he did not have sufficient liquid assets to pay the fine.

She also expressed concern that Trump could use any delay to attempt to transfer or otherwise conceal assets. She has previously made it clear that she would be in favor of a judgment forcing Trump to sell some of his New York property in order to make the payment. Forbes has estimated that Trump’s net worth totals $2.6 billion, but much of this is tied up in property.

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