Trump Judge and DA Fani Willis Win Reelection Despite Controversy

( – The Superior Court judge and the lead prosecutor in Donald Trump’s election interference have both been re-elected in Fulton County, Georgia. Judge Scott McAfee and District Attorney Fani Willis are both expected to continue their roles in the court case after they each achieved a resounding victory over their rivals. Their victory will ensure that the Trump case continues to move along at a steady pace, as changing hands would surely have resulted in significant delays.

Fani Willis swept up over 80% of the votes in the primary election and will face off against Republican rival Courtney Kramer in November’s elections. She gave a victory speech in which she referred to herself as someone who believes that “everyone deserves to be safe” and that everybody should be equal under the law. She told her supporters she would celebrate her election by partying and drinking Grey Goose vodka.

Despite Willis and McAfee’s re-election, there is still some doubt over Willis’ role in the Trump case, for which she first filed charges in 2023. Trump’s legal team has appealed a decision made by McAfee that prevented Willis from being removed over a possible conflict of interest. After it became public knowledge that Willis had had a romantic affair with a member of her legal team, McAfee chose in March to allow Willis to remain on the case on the agreement that her former boyfriend, Nathan Wade, resign.

Special prosecutor Wade agreed to resign so Willis could remain on the case. Willis claims that she hired Wade before embarking on an affair with him and did not abuse public funds in the course of their relationship. Her office is currently under investigation by the House Judiciary Committee and was subpoenaed last year by its chair, Rep. Jim Jordon (R-OH).

Willis maintains that she has done no wrong and says that “racism” is the motivating factor in complaints about the relationship. The State Court of Appeals is currently considering the appeal against McAfee’s decision to keep her on the case and may yet delay any criminal trial by several months.

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