Trump Promises Major Tax Change for Tipped Workers

( – Former President Donald Trump made an interesting campaign promise over the weekend while speaking at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada. If he’s re-elected to the White House in November, he said that he would eliminate taxes on tip wages for hospitality and restaurant workers.

On Sunday, June 9th, Trump spoke to a Las Vegas audience, who cheered during the former president’s announcement that if he returns to the Oval Office he would push Congress to alter the tax code to exempt income from tips earned by servers and hospitality workers. Trump noted that it was “the first time” he was saying this in public before making the campaign promise, one he said would make hotel workers and others who earn tips “very happy.”

The former president promised that his administration would work on passing such legislation “right away” as the “first thing” in office. The reason he gave for this prioritization was that the issue had “been a point of contention for years.” Trump then praised service workers for doing “a great job of service” and taking care of people, adding that he believes the change in tax law is “deserved” and that he would do it “if it’s right for the country” even if it may turn out to be an unpopular move.

Trump repeated the plan, just to be clear, and told everyone who works in restaurants or any other “tipping job” would not have to worry about the IRS “going after it for taxes anymore.”

Columnist Phil Kerpen noted that Trump’s proposal was a “longtime Ron Paul proposal,” pointing out that the former congressman viewed tips as gifts or a courtesy for exceptional service rather than wages. Kerpen said that the position was a “crowd pleaser in Nevada.”

Las Vegas is one of America’s most notable tourist destinations and relies heavily on the hospitality industry for revenue. The Sin City visit was the latest in a whirlwind West Coast run of campaign events following the former president’s felony conviction on the East Coast.

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