Trump Says Haley Should Give Up

( – With all of the other contenders now out of the race, the only one left challenging former President Donald Trump is his former United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, who the former president said should just quit.

On Sunday, January 21st, Trump told Newsmax that although he normally would refrain from telling a presidential candidate to call it quits, he thinks that’s exactly what Haley should do.

Newsmax host Mike Carter cited Trump’s lead in New Hampshire’s poll ahead of the primary election and asked the former president about whether or not Haley should drop out. Trump replied that although he “would never call for it,” perhaps Haley “should” drop out, which he said may happen after the New Hampshire results come in. “We’ll see what happens,” he added.

Trump reiterated that he doesn’t like to “ask people to drop out” and would prefer that they do so “of their own volition,” yet he made an exception for Haley.

The former president also repeated his mantra on the current president, describing President Joe Biden once again as “the worst” and “most corrupt” president in US history, and added that Biden makes former President Jimmy Carter look “brilliant” by comparison.

A median aggregate poll from FiveThirtyEight showed Trump polling at a 49.8% approval rating while Haley came in at 36.1% on Sunday, Jan. 21. The day of the New Hampshire primary, Trump was at 53.9% and Haley 36.3%. Trump said he believes he’ll get “100% of that vote.”

Before the Iowa caucuses, which Trump dominated with over half of GOP approval, Haley was the third-runner up behind Trump. Then, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shocked the nation by withdrawing from the race and endorsing Trump, leaving Haley as the only remaining challenger to the former president.

Before DeSantis, fourth-place newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy dropped out immediately after the Iowa results and fully backed Trump, who promised Ramaswamy would play a role in his campaign going forward.

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